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Ever feel bad for all those sad, discarded trees dumped at the side of the road after December 25th? Well, what if someone collected them, steamed them, expressed the essential oils from them, and made it into a body & room spray? What you'd have is a spray that not only smells EXACTLY like a Christmas tree, but whose scent was literally present for the opening of presents, the caroling, and the turkey dinners - it's literally bottled Christmas spirit - and with the included jingle bell, makes it impossible to say bah humbug!!!

This is exactly what we have done! Mythical Matters' newest creation: 'Smells Like A Christmas Tree!' body and room spray smells just like a Christmas time living room that has a fresh tree in it - not at all like those migraine inducing car air fresheners - because this scent is 100% real and comes from real used Christmas trees. You can use it to scent an artificial tree, or to make a room smell like there's bit of greenery in it, or even to make yourself smell all woodsy, like you've just stepped out of a coniferous forest!

A percentage of every sale will be donated to
Toronto Wildlife Centre!

This product is made in Canada!

60 mL

$14.99 CAD / Retail

Smells Like A Christmas Tree!