Collage of photos of Storm and Shadow

Hi there,

Cards are all about human connection. A sentiment wells up inside of us for someone else and we carve out a moment to take what we're feeling and lay it out on paper for them. It's a beautiful thing. And we feel quite lucky to get to hear the stories you share with us about how you've used our cards to reach out to someone else.

We're Storm and Shadow--traders of sentiment from Toronto. We like tea and toast. We love paper, animals, and stories. We make what you see right here in Toronto. And we want to meet you, and talk to you, and hear about you, whether it's at the markets, or by snail mail, or by phone, or by email.

We'd love for you to make somebody feel great with our sweet & super-cute cards! We've got rainbows, cupcakes, unicorns, confetti, and more! Or find yourself with our antique maps of Canada.

Sending you our best,  

Storm and Shadow